Welcome to the Dacre Parish Council Website.

Who we are:

Dacre Parish is one of 70 Parishes in Eden District. About one-third of the parish lies inside the Lake District National Park. It is represented at parish level by 12 councillors. Councillors are appointed by election every four years. The positions are unpaid, although councillors may claim expenses. The Parish Council meets every six weeks at one of the four village halls in the Parish. The current councillors can be found by clicking here.

Dacre Parish Council also represents the old manorial Juries of Newbiggin and Stainton, and manages the land that was awarded to these juries by the Commons Commissioners in the 1980’s.

The day-to-day affairs of the parish are managed by the Parish Clerk, who receives a salary.

All meetings are open to anyone to attend, and if members of the public wish to address the committee they will normally be invited to do so by the Chairman. Members of the public are not eligible to vote at Parish Council meetings.

Meeting dates going forward are (all held at 19:00):


Monday 10th April 2017-Stainton Village Hall

Monday 8th May 2017- Newbiggin JURY MEETING

Monday 15th May 2017- Newbiggin-AGM & APM

Monday 19th June 2017- Dacre Village Hall

Monday 17th July 2017-Blencow Village Hall

Monday 25th September 2017-Stainton Village Hall

Monday 16th October 2017-Newbiggin Village Hall

Monday 20th November 2017-Dacre Village Hall

Monday 22nd January 2018-Blencow Village Hall

Parish Plan

Dacre Parish Council has a Parish Plan for 2014-2019 which can be viewed here: Dacre Parish Plan 

This was produced in response to the views of parish residents. It is intended to provide guidance for the activities of the Parish Council during this period. Throughout its life parish residents will be invited to express their views on the progress and appropriateness of the direction of the plan.

What we do:

The Parish Council has an income of about £9,500 per year of which the largest share (about  £7,750) comes from the Parish Precept (your rates). About £1,500 is received from renting parish land and properties (see Parish Land.)

The largest portion of our income is paid out in the form of grants to the village halls and other community facilities (see annual accounts). The income is also used to pay for a grass-cutting contract, to maintain seats & noticeboards, and to facilitate communications via the Newsletter and this website.

A full list of the legal powers & duties of a Parish Council can be found by clicking here