Parish Councillors

Contact Information:

The primary contact for the Parish Council is the Clerk:

Becx Carter, C/o 40 Windebrowe Avenue, Keswick, Cumbria, CA12 4JA

Phone Number: 07786678283 (please leave a message/send a text if she is unavailable)


Contact Details for Dacre Parish Council

Dacre Parish Council has 11 seats for Councillors. There are currently 2 vacancies within the council, if you are interested in applying to join the council please contact the Clerk on

 Name (and Position)  Phone Number  Email Address
Dr A J Rich (Chair)  01768 483910
John Cameron
Bob Price (Vice Chair)  01768 840640
Chris Bolton  07969 626373
Judith Derbyshire  01768 895418
Holly Smith  01768 254037
Martyn Hunter 017684 80765
David Mallinson 017684 86162 
Paul Avis 017684 86291

To view the Declaration of Pecuniary Interest Forms for any councillors please contact Eden District Council.

Dacre Parish Council has a Planning Sub-committee the below councillors are members of this. The membership of this sub-committee was reconfirmed at the May 2018 Meeting:

Dr A J Rich (Chair)

Mr B Price

Mr C Bolton

The responsibilities and delegation of power to this sub committee is covered by S.16 of the Dacre Parish Council standing orders and the Terms of Reference of the Planning Sub Committee both of which can be found on the Policies & Procedures page.

Dacre Parish Council nominates representatives to a number of other bodies details of the representation can be found below: The nomination of the below councillors to the listed bodies were confirmed at the May 2018 Dacre PC meeting.

Stainton Village Hall Committee- Cllr J Derbyshire

Newbiggin Village Hall Committee- Cllr A J Rich

Blencow Village Hall Committee- Cllr C Bolton

Stainton Recreation Committee- Cllr B Price

Newbiggin Jury- All Councillors

Eden District Council- Cllr J Derbyshire

Dacre Village Hall Committee- Cllr D Mallinson